Disney World Florida 2010 Mickey Goofy Donald Pluto Gray T-shirt Men's Medium

Disney World Florida 2010 Mickey Goofy Donald Pluto Gray T-shirt Men's Medium

Hi, this item is in great used condition. The graphics are in great condition. Minor wear from light use/wash. Please check pics to confirm. It's a fan must have!   Best Offer Option!

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Disney World Disney 2010 T-shirt

Description: Condition*:  Used. Condition Details:  This item is in great Condition. (Poor-Fair-Good-Great-Excellent) Graphics are in great condition. Minor wear from light use/wash. Items may have additional minor flaws but major flaws are noted.  ENJOY!!! Other Favorite links:  www.stores..com/ATexasSizeFleaMarket
MIMB or MIMP Mint in Mint Box or Package
MISB or MISP Mint in Sealed Box or Package
MIOB or MIOP Mint in Opened Box or Package (Opened & with box or packaging.)
MIB or MIP Mint in Box or Package (Item is Mint ONLY!)
Shelf Wear Creased or damaged box or package due to original shipping or longevity on shelf.  See "Condition Details."

* See table for definitions of acronyms.

Disney World 2010!!! ---Disney

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My 2 Cents

I love having fun while buying and selling on just like the next guy.  Be advised that this is a contract to buy the item(s) you have bid on.  Corrective action and feedback will be submitted if bid is not honored.  It really quits being fun when people do not follow the rules. 

I look forward to doing business with you and I appreciate your business! 

Good Luck!!!


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